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July 2017



July 1, 2017

Malaria is one of humanity’s biggest enemies. It now kills over 700 thousand people each year from the 293 million that it infects. Malaria came about at a time when it was thought that most disease was airborne an thus it got the name that comes from the Italian Mal’aria, which simply means “bad air”. Over the few first decades of the last century, it has claimed so many lives and proven so difficult to defeat that it became one of this century’s most important global missions as world powers and organizations put on an historic effort to eradicate the disease. Continue Reading…

General Health

Sleep and Health

July 1, 2017

We all love sleeping, and it turns out that sleep loves you too. Despite the fact that some of us don’t give it enough importance or don’t prioritize it, getting just the right amount of sleep can have highly beneficial reflections on your life. In short, the right duration of Z’s will make you stronger, smarter and most importantly for a great number of us, better in bed. Continue Reading…


Intimate workout

July 1, 2017

It is not very difficult to envision the positive resemblance that sexual intercourse has to an actual workout. You get sweaty, your muscles get sore eventually and stamina is required, let alone the release and relax that happens afterwards.

  • But what if we wanted to get more precise and dig deeper into the relationship?
  • One might ask the question of which positions are the most efficient ones and therefore the healthiest?
  • How can we enjoy sex and at the same time get some bonus body and health benefits? Continue Reading…

The biology of sleep

July 1, 2017

After a long day at work or a long day of doing fun activities, we all need those 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is the most important biological recovery agent for the human body which will require it and demand it forcefully from us should we happen to forget it or to postpone it. In theory sleep takes about a third of our entire lifetime. However, there is an increasing number of reports from several countries around the world showing a sharp spike in the number of people who cannot get their daily allowance of sleep even if they tried, which is a condition we commonly call insomnia. Continue Reading…