FAQ- What duration of sex considered as “normal”?

man and women with timerHow much time is normally needed for sex?

According to the World Health Organization, ejaculation occurs first 1 minute after the beginning of the act can be called premature. The extreme manifestation of premature ejaculation – ejaculation occurring before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. Relative premature ejaculation occurs from 1 to 3 minutes after the beginning of intercourse. According to the literature, the average frictional period should be from 2 to 10 minutes. In Germany, the duration of intercourse was 7 minutes. Averages in the UK, France and Italy account for about 9.6 minutes. Highest duration of intercourse in the US is 13 minutes. Women believe the normal duration of sexual intercourse before ejaculation an average of 11 minutes. There is no time criteria onset of ejaculation. In some cases, sexual intercourse may last less than 1 minute and bring satisfaction to both partners. So, if sexual partners are satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse, talking about premature ejaculation is not accepted, and therefore to treat it is not necessary. There are several concepts of premature ejaculation: premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation, early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, rapid ejaculation.

Early sexual experiences, unresolved marital problems, unusual situations, enuresis;
Excitement, anxiety and lack of experience ejaculation control at the beginning of sexual activity;
Anxiety, fear and habit of ejaculating quickly associated with the adverse conditions of sexual intercourse or hyposexuality partner;
The low frequency of intercourse or masturbation, which leads to excessive increase in arousal;
Phobias, neurosis, for example, a common syndrome of compulsive expectations of failure (single failure had a strong emotional impact, and a man was waiting for her in the next repetition time).
Psychophysiological: psychogenic early ejaculation gets reinforcements already on the physiological level, the reflex arc is formed, contributing to early onset of ejaculation and orgasm.

Causes of premature ejaculation:

In urological diseases (urethritis, colliculitis, prostatitis, vesicles, enuresis, prostate adenoma).
Colliculitis – inflammatory, hypertrophic and other changes seed mound. During intercourse mound seed enhanced blood circulation, strengthens the upward momentum, stimulating areas of the central nervous system, responsible for orgasm. In pathological increase (hypertrophy) and inflammation, such impulses amplified orgasm occurs before, usually with a loss of quality of the orgasm.
Prostate and vesicles – inflammatory diseases of accessory genital glands have a close relationship with the seed mound. Therefore, when inflammation in the pathological response may be involved and the last.
When neurological condition causes include: fractures of the pelvis, spine,
the presence of the syndrome paracentral lobules associated with failures in the nerve structures of the brain responsible for ejaculation, about 3-4% of cases; hypersensitivity of the glans penis (large number of nerve endings in the head of the penis and a large than normal susceptibility to the effects).

What is the diagnosis of premature ejaculation?

Diagnosis is difficult rapid ejaculation – the patient’s complaints are fundamental in establishing the diagnosis. Most of the difficulty is not to establish the existence of premature ejaculation, and determining the cause of the violation. A mandatory step in the diagnostic process is to determine the index of quality of sex, because in some cases, the problem of early ejaculation can mask other andrological diseases. In the diagnosis of premature ejaculation exceptional value belongs to a conversation with the patient and his mates and the collection of complaints and medical history. Diagnosis includes:

  • an external examination,
  • rectal examination,
  • Genitals

in some cases – tests for the detection of infectious and inflammatory diseases, certain hormones, other laboratory methods of diagnosis,
techniques for assessing the blood supply to the member (to avoid erectile dysfunction) and a series of tests.
Fill the symptoms of premature ejaculation, count points and take with them to the doctor.
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