Intimate workout


different sex positionsIt is not very difficult to envision the positive resemblance that sexual intercourse has to an actual workout. You get sweaty, your muscles get sore eventually and stamina is required, let alone the release and relax that happens afterwards.

  • But what if we wanted to get more precise and dig deeper into the relationship?
  • One might ask the question of which positions are the most efficient ones and therefore the healthiest?
  • How can we enjoy sex and at the same time get some bonus body and health benefits?

Among the most effective positions for women, as mentioned by the relationship expert and psychologist Nikki Martinez cites the woman on top as of those positions that affect a large part of the body due to the hanging position on top of the male and the vertical movement. These types of movements in rapid succession will inevitably have a positive impact on your core as well as your cardiovascular system.

Doggy style also happens to be beneficial for both partners as both of them will tighten their core systematically in that position and that added to the movement will constitute a hefty workout.

We call Lotus the position where the man sits upright and the woman sits on his lap facing him. This positions tenses the back of the man and his core, and requires constant movement to keep the equilibrium and continuity of penetration. This effort reflects positively on both partners toning their muscles giving them a cardio boost.

Yet another challenge for your muscles is found in the Lunges position. This is where the man sits upright with his legs slightly pulled back while the woman sits on his thighs facing him. He will lift her up and down and she will push back and forward while holding herself upright at the same time. This amount of effort results in the best possible workout for cardiovascular health and flexibility.

So go do some workout, because now you can finally workout with your partner and actually enjoy it!

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